Ports, Piers, & Waterfront

Anacostia Waterfront Initiative

Washington, DC  — Support and provided a Scheduler for the onsite team

Belstar is on the Parsons Transportation Group team for the program management contract for DDOT projects within Anacostia Waterfront Initiative (AWI) which oversees the planning, environmental, financial management, public and community involvement, civic engagement, design, constructability reviews, right]of]

way management, and construction management for the major projects under, impacting, and adjacent to the AWI study area.

Anacostia Waterfront Team: Belstar, as part of the CH2M Hill lead District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has been awarded option year #2

Washington, DC

Baltimore Harbor tunnel and Bay Bridge – MDOT Area Maintenance

Baltimore, MD  —  Cost Estimating Services

City of Richmond Riverwalk – Phase 2

Richmond, VA  —  Cost Estimating and Scheduling Services

D.C. Department of Purblic Works – Bridge Construction

Washington, DC

DC Water:  The Belstar led Team has been awarded option year #2

Washington, DC 

D.C. Water – multiple projects

Washington, DC

District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority – Multiple Projects

Washington, DC

District of Columbia Department of Transportation Streetscape of Connecticut Ave., Phase II

Washington, DC  —  Construction Management Services

Maryland National Capital Park & Planning Commission (Open-end Contract)

Riverdale, MD  —  Quality Assurance Reviewer

Quality Assurance Reviewer.  Performed quality assurance reviews for this open end contract that involved Expansion of Paint Stream Valley Park Trail, Modernization of Lanham Forest Neighborhood Park, Redevelopment of Sandy Hill Recreation Center, Redevelopment of Brooke Road Recreation Center, New Rigging System for Prince Georgefs Show Place Arena, and Site Improvements at the Historic Bladensburg Waterfront Park.  Estimated project cost was $20 million.

Multiple Streetscape Projects

Washington, DC  —  Cost Estimating Services

National Harbor

Prince George’s County, MD  —  Cost Estimating

Belstar provided cost estimating services for the perspective site for the National Harbor Waterfront Project in Prince George’s County, MD.  Work included generating estimates for the infrastructure roadwork, site work and site utilities for entire site of the National Harbor.  Estimated project cost was $18.4 million.

Norfolk City:  New Cruise Ship Building & Pier: 25MM

Norfolk, VA  —  Cost Estimating and Scheduling Services

Norfolk Cruise Line

Norfolk, VA  —  Cost Estimating Services

The Clean Water Partnership has awarded Belstar a contract to provide cost estimating services on their Prince George’s County Clean Water Program

Prince George, MD —  Cost Estimating Services

U.S. Coast Guard

Construction Management Support Services

Virginia Department of Transportation – Bridge Repairs – I-81

Bristol, VA 

West Point Bridges – New Eltham Bridge and New Lord Delaware Bridge  – Replacement

West Point, VA  —  Inspection Services

This project involved the replacement of the Eltham and Lord Delaware Bridges.  The Eltham Bridge was a low-level movable bridge that swung open (instead of lifting up) for all types of boats due to the low vertical clearance.  The replacement bridge is a double-leaf lift span with 55′ clearance in the closed position.  The Lord Delaware Bridge was also a low-level movable bridge.  The replacement is a new fixed bridge with 55′ of river clearance.  In addition to replacing the bridges, VDOT performed studies to improve the flow of traffic to Route 33.  Belstar provided Inspection Services for this project.  

Woodrow Wilson Bridge – Replacement

Washington, DC  —  Cost Estimators and On-site Scheduler

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge, completed in 1961, is in desperate need to be replaced.  It was designed to carry 75,000 vehicles-a-day over the next 20 years.  It only took eight (8) years for the bridge to reach its design volume, and today it carries almost 200,000 vehicles-a-day.  Currently, the eight-lane Capital Beltway narrows in the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, creating one of the bottlenecks in the country.  Since the late 1980’s, it was apparent that improvements needed to be done.

       Belstar, Inc. was hired to provide on-site cost estimators and an on-site scheduler for the replacement of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.  This $2.5 billion project involves the replacement of the existing Woodrow Wilson Bridge with a new 12 lane structure including major interchanges at I-295 and Route 210 in Maryland as well as Route 1 and Telegraph Road in Virginia.  The project’s overall length will extend approximately seven (7) miles including approximately one (1) mile of bridgework.  The replacement of the bridge and interchanges involves under-drain, soil consolidation, utility relocation, excavation, drainage, storm-water drainage, sewer water, bridges, structures, retaining walls, sound walls, stone, asphalt, striping, signalization, and signs.  Once complete, the new bridge will have 12 lanes, six (6) lanes in each direction.   Four (4) lanes will be used for general purpose, two (2) lanes for safely accelerating and decelerating traffic in merging areas, four (4) lanes will be used as express lanes that bypass local exits, and the last two (2) lanes for HOV purposes.  In addition, there are numerous safety improvements and community enhancements associated with the project such as sidewalks, bike trails, parks and recreational facilities