Arlington Temple/United Methodist Church
Rosslyn, VA  —  Cost estimating services
First Africian Methodist episcopal Church
Gaithersburg, MD  —  Cost estimating services
Forcey Memorial Church Renovation/Addition
Silver Spring, MD– Construction Cost, Management Support
Historical Christ Church Feasibility New Administration Building
Irvinton, VA  —  Cost estimating services
Howard University Renovation of the Community Association Center
Washington, DC– Cost Estimating
Maple Spring Baptist Church Addition
Montgomery County, MD– Construction Cost Estimating and Control Support Services
Opequon Presbyterian Church Addition
Winchester, VA
Saint Mary’s Parish
Loudoun County, MD–Cost estimating and scheduling
Saint Jane Francis de Chantal Church Renovation
Silver Spring, MD– Constructability reviews physical surveys and cost control
Saint Teresa Catholic Parish
Loudoun County, MD–Cost estimating and scheduling
Salvation Army New Facility
Montgomery County, MD– Construction cost estimating and control support services
Summit Presbyterian Church
Philadelphia, PA  —  Cost estimating services
Tikvat Congregational Synagogue Addition
Rockville, MD  —  Cost estimating services
UMC Arlington Temple
Cost estimating services
Walker Memorial Baptist Church
Washington, DC–Cost estimating