Cost Engineering

At Belstar, the first step to accurate cost engineering is to obtain the knowledge of the detailed requirements of a particular project. Belstar then links this knowledge to an understanding of the means and methods a contractor would use to build the project. An awareness of the labor conditions and material availability in the project location, as well as an evaluation of the impact of cost escalation to the time period established for the construction must also be known for the cost of a project to be accurately estimated. 

Belstar achieves such accuracy by establishing a line of communication with the design team. This communication reveals newly developed project information and any project decisions that need to be made. Belstar contacts contractors and subcontractors in the locality of the project for input on means and methods and local labor and contractor’s organizations to evaluate labor conditions and material availability. Maintaining escalation information from the Federal Government as well as industry publications is yet another way that Belstar has established its cost engineering service.