Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolutions/conflicts can be caused by a variety factors including the following:

  1. Disagreement in methods of approaches;
  2. Unforeseen conditions and/or changes in market conditions;
  3. Interruptions in planned activities;
  4. External factors (i.e. resource changes or new constraints);
  5. Currency changes and/or regional impacts on global currencies;
  6. Regional productivity factors;
  7. and, Terrorism and safety impacts on productivity.

Through years of experience, Belstar has learned that there are many ways dispute resolutions can be evaded. Some preventative steps include:

  1. Flexible and adaptable comprehensive design;
  2. Flexible and adaptable contract drawings;
  3. Efficient project management and experienced personnel;
  4. Project documentation and global project bench mark experience;
  5. and, Understanding of temporal versus linear key data points.

Below please find a few examples of the dispute resolution services recommended by Belstar:

  1. Discussion and agreement intra-organization from lowest to highest level;
  2. Discussion and agreement extra-organization from lowest to highest level;
  3. Regional binding, mutually agreed upon GDR procedures;
  4. and, Umpire, arbitration or court.