At Belstar, the initial critical path method (CPM) review will involve: 1) The study of the contractor’s earning/working schedule to understand their thought process for constructing the project; and, 2) The comparison of the working/earning schedule against the schedule requirements. This review will verify that the schedule’s diagrams, bar charts, and schedule reports meet the required standards. In addition, this review will confirm that the required activities, start and finish dates, intermediate completion milestones, critical path and written narrative are in compliance.

Next, the initial CPM review will focus on the sequence and interdependence of the activities needed to complete the project; the order and logic of activities will be thoroughly studied. This study will determine if the sequence and interdependence are logical and justifiable by comparing the findings to the project’s specific conditions and the client’s standards. Reviewing the order and logic will also allow Belstar to determine if the critical path is realistic.

Once the sequence and interdependence has been reviewed, the CPM review will further focus on verification of activity durations. The objective is to verify, through the use of historical data (information accumulated over the course of completing previous construction projects), reference guides, and construction knowledge, that the listed activity durations are indeed sound and justifiable.

Finally, the CPM review will examine the schedule and verify that it meets the project’s requirements. The earning schedule will also be examined to verify that it reflects the planned critical operations and their monthly dollar value. The findings and results of the initial detailed review will then be organized and presented to the client in the form of a CPM review report. This report will identify the errors and inconsistencies discovered in examining the schedule.

Project experience Includes:

Washington Dulles International Airport, Leesburg, VA

Relocated Surface Parking/North and West Flank Parking Garages/Pedestrian Connector Tunnel
During the design phase developed a full scale construction schedule that was incorporated into the bid documents. 

Woodrow Wilson Bridge (WWB) Project, Alexandria, VA
Created a detailed master CPM schedule for WWB to use during the pre-construction and construction phases of the project. 

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), Various Locations in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area
Created detailed CPM schedules for WMATA to use during the design and construction phases of various projects. Belstar also assists with the project controls of all projects in the form of a master schedule.